FinTech solutions that transform your consumer’s lending experience. Faster. Streamlined. Delightful.

Modern Lending Solutions
Streamline the loan application and approval process.
Automated Decisioning
Discover how to put your rules to work to automate lending.
Mobile Ready and Optimized
Deliver a world-class mobile loan application and experience.
Turnkey, Cloud-Based LOS
Automate more of the lending process without disruption and IT headaches.

Client Testimonials

Jeffrey Cubberley
VP of Consumer Lending
“The return on investment for FinanceGenius exceeded our expectations in the first three months of going live. We experienced an 89% year-over-year growth in loan applications that we can directly attribute to simplifying the loan applications process with FinanceGenius.”
Rob Wells
Senior Lending Officer
“FinanceGenius was created by lenders for lenders. The flexibility and mobility it offers has allowed us to exponentially improve our customer experience and to quickly open new business channels that wouldn’t exist otherwise.”

About FinanceGenius

FinanceGenius is a catalyst for change. We’re helping financial institutions streamline lending for today’s mobile-oriented consumers who demand simplicity and speed. Digital transformation may sound like an intimidating endeavor, but to us, it means a few simple things:

Making it fast and easy for consumers to apply for loans anytime, anywhere.
Empowering employees to become smart lenders in days, not weeks or months.
Providing lenders with self-configurable tools to launch promotions quickly.

No matter what channel a loan comes through (web, mobile, in-branch, call centers and dealers), the experience must be easy, consistent and more automated than ever. FinanceGenius develops FinTech solutions and technology such as loan origination solutions that helps credit unions and community banks meet these goals to maximize loan growth and profitability.

For lenders ready to stimulate loan growth, there’s FinanceGeniusLOS™.  Our flagship solution is a complete, cloud-based loan origination system that provides a streamlined lending process that delivers speed, automation and efficiency for borrowers and lenders alike.

We can help different size institutions right-size their cloud-based loan origination needs. For larger, fast-paced lenders, FinanceGeniusLOS will help them take automated lending to a new level.  For smaller, growing lenders, ExpressLOS is a turnkey automated lending solution that is easy to get started on without IT support.

Our solutions were built by lenders for lenders.  We help you put in the intelligence and rules for automation that fit your exact needs. It is easy to use so that you can focus on your core business – loan growth.

Many lenders have used their core system LOS or have tried to brute force many systems to streamline lending.  FinanceGenius takes away these burdens for true digital transformation. It’s easy to use. It’s fast. It transforms the way your customers or members experience lending with you.

“Essential for loan growth.”

“Helping us open new business channels.”

FinTech is not just for big banks. It’s for nimble, customer-focused financial institutions that intelligently use technology to provide personal service.

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