Helping You Take Online Loan Applications in No Time

FinanceGenius’ ConsumerLoanApp™ is a lender-ready, responsive loan application solution that captures data from virtually any mobile device. From millennials to baby boomers, today’s borrower expects a simple, efficient and mobile-ready experience. ConsumerLoanApp makes that possible.

Implement ConsumerLoanApp in 1-2 weeks, instead of months, to provide a branded, borrower-ready application and see an immediate increase in your loan application volume.

A Mobile “Branch” in Days

Mobile Loan Applications
Web-based loan application that allows borrowers to apply at anytime, from any device.
Designed from the ground up, based on specific needs of the mobile consumer.
Fast Implementation & Configurable
Fully customizable loan application. Quickly integrates with your existing website and customizable.
Easy to Apply Branding
Mirrors your brand to consumers. Allows upload of customizable marketing materials, disclosures or borrower instructions.
FinanceGenius on mobile