Making Artificial Intelligence Accessible & Affordable

As a business manager or a department head:

  • do you have valuable data in disparate buckets – Excel spreadsheets, SQL databases, etc.?
  • do your team members spend an inordinate amount of time manually analyzing data in spreadsheets, with large data sets that require complex macros?
  • if you could classify and collate this data via an automated process into meaningful categories, would you be able to get more value out of it?
  • if you could implement a decisioning process that requires minimal IT intervention, yet can automatically take your data and process it?
  • do you want to be able to set up your decisioning rules without having to teach your team programming or hiring technical resources?

The IntelliEngines Wakaru suite is a set of affordable, cloud-based, artificial intelligence
tools for automated decision making.

  • It is SaaS that requires no on-premises equipment or set up;
  • Has a natural language interface that allows your team to set up their own rules using drop-down menus and questions;
  • Can take data from multiple sources – Excel, SQL databases, XML or CSV files, JSON data.

Consumer-defined Analysis on Your Data, Your Rules.

The Wakaru™ suite allows you to quickly and repeatedly classify data, make rules-based decisions, or perform more detailed data analysis. The suite comprises the following modules:

Wakaru™ Classification Engine:
Based on user-defined rules, data can be sorted into multiple buckets so it can be used more effectively – for reporting, further analysis, or actions such as billing. The data can come from a single source or from multiple [disparate] sources. The engine’s output can also be input to a more complex engine (such as Wakaru Rules – see below) for further analysis.
Wakaru Rules
A rules-based engine that allows a user to define a complex decision tree of rules (an almost infinite level of Boolean algebra) and apply this to a data stream. The engine can return a yes/no decision, a score, a classification of the data, a call to action, or its results can be an input for further analysis.

IntelliEngines™ is working on additional modules that will add machine learning capabilities, including deep learning, to the Wakaru family.