loan origination software

loan origination software

Enabling smaller credit unions and banks to offer a seamless application experience to grow loan volume and automate the lending process

Austin, TX – FinanceGenius announced ExpressLOS, a new turnkey solution that enables smaller financial institutions to capture online loan applications from their existing website and manage loan growth seamlessly via a robust loan origination software (LOS). The solution automates the entire front end of the lending process.

ExpressLOS is an ideal digital lending solution for smaller credit unions and banks that until now has only been affordable for larger financial institutions. The result is a better experience for both the consumer and the lending team, one that fuels loan application growth and improves lending efficiency.

FinanceGenius ExpressLOS is delivered as a cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) subscription solution that offers an easy-to-implement digital lending channel. Lenders gain an intuitive, turnkey solution that can be implemented and live in weeks as opposed to months, with limited training required.

“With FinanceGenius ExpressLOS, we’re able to put a loan application on our web site quickly and easily and automate the lending process without major integration. This is crucial to be competitive with other lenders in order to grow our loan volume and provide a great experience for both our customers as well as our lending team,” Lisa Connell, President and CEO, Mesquite Credit Union.

“ExpressLOS offers a fully automated lending capability in a SaaS package at a very competitive price”, said Tejas Vakil, President and CEO , FinanceGenius, Inc. “Smaller financial institutions can grow their consumer loan portfolio by using our mobile and web optimized solution to appeal to a younger generation of consumers, and do it without adding staff to either their lending or IT teams.”

FinanceGenius ExpressLOS Benefits:

  • A Turnkey Digital Lending Channel
    • Online loan applications synchronize seamlessly into the LOS without manual intervention.
    • Streamlines various channels into a unified flow that helps to close more loans faster without affecting prevailing core system integrations.
    • Borrowers can apply for loans from any electronic device anytime making loan onboarding a breeze.
  • More Automated Underwriting
    • Customizable and automated decision engine (ADE) solution that drives faster, quality decisions that lead to lending team efficiency and lower costs.
    • Reliable and dynamic calculations and analysis of lending variables (e.g. debt ratios, loan-to-value) resulting in predictable approvals, counter-offers or recommended decisions via ADE.
    • Lenders can track status, progress of applications and volume control from anywhere anytime, backed by data accuracy.
    • Automatically generate final documents and disclosures to speed up loan closures.
    • Improved decisioning process for compliance, remediation, exceptions and consistency.
  • Low Impact Implementation and Easy Customization
    • Secure, cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) that has no upfront costs and a cost effective subscription model.
    • Flexible, configurable workflow for applications, routing, and queues without IT support.
    • Cloud-based implementation provides powerful redundancy for high reliability.

ExpressLOS is a scalable offering that is based on FinanceGenius’ flagship FinanceGeniusLOS solution. To schedule a demonstration, visit


About FinanceGenius:

FinanceGenius is a FinTech company that is committed to disrupting legacy processes in financial institutions by delivering solutions that streamline workflows for increased efficiency and profitability. Lenders that use FinanceGenius can capture and process more loans without adding more staff by improving the consumer lending process for both the borrower and the lender. The FinanceGenius Loan Origination Software suite is based on technology that is intuitive and configurable with a powerful decision engine. FinanceGenius solutions are cloud-based, subscription software as a service (SaaS) with no upfront costs, easy implementation and affordable solutions. FinanceGenius is based in Austin, Texas and more information can be found at:

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